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A GIS-Based Web Approach for Serving Land Price Information

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journal contribution
posted on 21.05.2021, 12:04 by Yongjun Yang, Yaqin Sun, Songnian Li, Shaoliang Zhang, Kuoyin Wang, Huping Hou, Shishuo Xu
Participants in the land market are usually hampered to browse and analyze the land price information due to the lack of information sources and available analysis tools. A service-oriented GIS-based web system was developed to provide a practical solution, its essential data sources contain basic geographic elements and benchmark land price (BLP)-related information. Core models for land price analysis were implemented, including land price index, spatial distribution, and parcel appraisal. The system was developed based on a four-level Browse Server (B/S) architecture using GIS and web service technologies, which enables the publishing, browsing, and analysis of the land price information via the Internet. With effective functionalities, the system has been employed in a project for updating BLP in a case study city located in China. The main advantage of the GIS-based web approach lies in its integration of spatial-temporal analysis models and web GIS technology, which allows more investors and administrators with limited domain knowledge to obtain further understanding on the change pattern and spatial distribution of land price by an online means. The experience in the case study city demonstrates that the approach has strong practicality for land price information services.