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A Journey of Her Own : A critical analysis of learning experiences among immigrant women: assessing transformative learning and women’s resilience in community-based education programs

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posted on 21.05.2021, 16:19 by Julia Fursova
This is a qualitative study that provides insight into the learning experiences of internationally-trained professional women from Israel, Iran, and the countries of the former USSR. The study focuses on analysing women’s transformative learning experiences and how those experiences may impact their resilience and well-being. The findings of this research inform the development of learner-oriented community-based programs for immigrant women and provide an opportunity for critical reflection on predominant assumptions about immigrant women. In addition, this study challenges the “deficient immigrant” approach and explores the concept of women’s empowerment in relation to cultural contexts and gender-power dynamics that influence immigrant women’s resettlement and learning. Keywords: immigrant women’s learning, transformative learning, immigrant women’s resettlement, empowerment, resilience, critical feminist theory