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Effects of Pitch-Based Short Carbon Fibers on the Workability, Unit Weight, and Air Content of Mortar Composite.

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posted on 21.05.2021, 17:13 by Md. Safiuddin, George Abdel-Sayed, Nataliya Hearn
Pitch is a viscoelastic polymer material consisting of aromatic hydrocarbons. It is used to produce carbon fibers with sheet-like crystal structures. The aim of the work presented in this paper was to evaluate the effects of pitch-based short carbon fibers on the workability, unit weight, and air content of freshly mixed mortar composite. Experimental investigation was carried out on five different types of mortar composite, including a control mortar. Four mortar composites were prepared including pitch-based short carbon fibers with 1–4% volume contents. The fresh mortar composites were tested to determine their slump, inverted slump cone flow (flow time, mass flow, and volume flow), unit weight, and air content. In addition, the correlation between the slump and flow time of various mortar composites was determined. It was found that the slump decreased with the increasing volume content of carbon fibers. The flow time of mortar composite increased, and therefore its mass flow and volume flow decreased with a greater volume content of carbon fibers. The slump was strongly correlated with the flow time, with a correlation coefficient of 0.9782. Furthermore, the unit weight of the fresh mortar composite decreased due to the incorporation of carbon fibers. However, amongst the different carbon fiber reinforced mortar composites, the mortar with 3% fiber volume content provided the highest unit weight. The air content results were consistent with the unit weight results. The change in air content of various mortar composites followed a trend reciprocal to that of unit weights. When the overall effects of carbon fibers were compared, it was observed that the fiber volume content higher than 3% resulted in a significantly low workability and provided a much lower unit weight with greater entrapped air content.