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Scoping Review: online gaming interventions for congenital heart patients

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posted on 21.05.2021, 16:48 authored by Suzanne FredericksSuzanne Fredericks
Online patient education gaming interventions should be designed for the adult cohort with congenital heart disease since current resources are not optimal. To date, these types of interventions are currently being used throughout the healthcare environment. Even though my area of expertise encompasses the design and evaluation of patient education interventions, I have primarily focused on face-to-face and/or telephone based interventions. My knowledge in the area of online gaming is severely limited. As a result a scoping review was undertaken in order for the acquisition of a better understanding of what online gaming is; its associated characteristics, and the most common outcomes associated with these interventions. This case study presented an overview of a scoping review that was conducted with the main goal of summarizing and disseminating research findings, identifying research gaps, and making recommendations for future intervention design and evaluation. The stages for the conducting a scoping review were presented along with some practical lessons learned.