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Socio-demographics and health profile: Influence on self-care.

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posted on 21.05.2021, 16:33 by Suzanne Fredericks, Souraya Sidani
Variability in the performance of self-care behaviours have been reported in the cardiovascular surgical population. Theoretical evidence suggest that demographic characteristics and health profile influence patients’ engagement in self-care behaviours. However, the influence of these variables on performance of self-care has not been examined. The purpose of this quantitative, non-experimental study was to determine how much variance in performance of self-care behaviours is accounted for by demographic characteristics, as well as the health profile of patients who underwent heart surgery. Data from a sample of 248 study participants, recruited from two cardiovascular surgical units, were collected. Descriptive statistics were used to characterize the sample on demographics and health profile, while multiple regression analysis was conducted to determine the relationship between variables. Findings suggest these factors have a minimal influence on self-care behaviour performance. Alternative factors influencing self-care behaviour performance were identified along with implications for future nursing practice.




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