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Vibration-based, nondestructive methodology for detecting multiple cracks in bending-torsion coupled laminated composite beams

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posted on 21.05.2021, 10:52 authored by Stephen R. Borneman, Seyed M. Hashemi
Damage to composite structures occurs from impact, fatigue, or over stress and can be critical in the safe operation of wings or any structural member. This paper presents a method for detection of multiple cracks present in laminated composite bending-torsion coupled cantilevered beams using natural frequency data, a type of Nondestructive testing (NDT). This methodology relies on both experimentally collected natural frequencies and frequencies calculated using a mathematical model. Precise natural frequencies are calculated using a new dynamic finite cracked element (DFCE) formulated within and based on dynamic trigonometric shape functions. An algorithm is devised based on the Adam–Cawley criterion and extended to laminated composites with multiple cracks. This method has shown exceptional convergence on the size and location of cracks using a number of modes of free vibration with and without error in measured frequencies.