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Web-Enabled Spatial Decision Analysis Using Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA)

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journal contribution
posted on 21.05.2021, 12:01 by Claus Rinner, Jacek Malczewski
This paper presents a spatial decision support tool that implements the Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) method. OWA is a family of multicriteria evaluation operators characterised by two sets of weights: criterion importance weights and order weights. We propose a highly interactive way of choosing, modifying, and fine-tuning the decision strategy defined by the order weights. This exploratory approach to OWA is supported by a graphical representation of the operator's behaviour in terms of decision risk and tradeoff/dispersion between criteria. Our prototype implementation is based on the CommonGIS software, and thus, Web-enabled and working with vector data. We successfully demonstrate online, exploratory support of spatial decision strategies using a data set of skiing resorts in Wallis, Switzerland.

This is a post-peer-review, pre-copyedit version of an article published in Journal of Geographical Systems. The final authenticated version is available online at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s101090300095