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How competitive is the Canadian residential broadband market? A study of Canadian internet service providers and their regulatory environment

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posted on 21.05.2021, 17:04 by Catherine A. Middleton, Annemijn van Gorp
This paper offers a detailed assessment of the state of competition in the Canadian residential broadband market. After examining barriers to entry, the nature of rivalry in pricing and services, and the extent to which competitors can develop a sustainable position in the market, it concludes that the Canadian market does not foster effective competition. Canadian consumers do not have access to a range of differentiated services, and there is little innovation in the market. The paper offers some suggestions on ways to increase competitiveness in the broadband market, and concludes that changes to the current market structure are required to enable the development of more innovative broadband services in Canada.
Keywords: Broadband, DSL, cable broadband, competition, regulation, Canada