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The Use of Virtual Human Factors Tools in Industry – A Workshop Investigation

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posted on 21.05.2021, 16:18 by Jorge Perez, W. Patrick Neumann
This report presents the views of participants in a series of workshops on Human Factors (HF) in virtual production planning. The participants, ergonomists and engineers from both public and private sectors, were presented with 6 different Virtual Human Factors (VHF) tools: Discrete Event Simulation, Predetermined Motion Time Systems, Complex and Simple Digital Human Models, Virtual Reality and SIMTER . Comments expressed by participants were recorded on digital audio tapes and by note takers and questionnaires were handed out. Eight main characteristics were identified as influencing factors for the use of VHF tools: cost, time, training, difficulty of use, reliability, graphics, flexibility and usefulness. Other findings included a need to modify report layouts and improvement recommendations particular to each tool. The findings in this report present the initial steps of an ongoing research program with the aim of developing improved approaches to using simulation to integrate human factors proactively into the early stages of a work system design.




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