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ACCESSIBILITY AT AIRPORTS How Digital Media can put Toronto at the Forefront for Accessible Airport Travel

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posted on 22.05.2021, 16:47 authored by Danielle Fraser
This major research project explores the potential function of a mobile application to organize the consignment of wheelchairs at airports. Right now, many airports around the world are struggling to deal with the influx of wheelchair passengers. Many airports do not utilize any digital technology tools to assist them in the process of providing wheelchair service. Specifically, at Toronto Pearson International Airport (Pearson), wheelchair service is decentralized meaning that all airlines are responsible for organizing their own processes and service. This research uncovers some of the most commonly reported problems from both customers and employees regarding current wheelchair service at airports. This project finds that there is currently a fundamental communication gap between the employees and customers. Many passengers reported poor service due to not being about to navigate themselves through the process. Additionally, passengers report that the overall consignment of wheelchairs is often so poor that they are left waiting long periods of time for a chair and can sometimes be taken out of their chair before they are ready to walk. This project designed a mobile application interface that could provide both customers and employees with a way of communicating. This mobile application focuses on assisting employees with the organization of chairs and helps customers guide themselves through a more efficient process. This project applies itself to the model and processes that currently exist at Toronto International Pearson Airport.





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Ryerson University

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