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A Flat World for a Short Real

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posted on 22.05.2021, 12:04 authored by Saman Soleimani-Deilamani
Short Real is the territory where the discourse of architecture thrives on binary oppositions and metaphors at the expense of the everyday and earthly realities of architecture. It produces a conspiracy that propagates that the Hinged-Door-Leaf (the door) only becomes architecture when it is 'a self-referential sign' ('doorness') or a subjective 'place' (the 'threshold'). Although seemingly contradictory, both concepts bestow 'architecture' with an 'essence': something that 'happens in the mind', is absolute and is analogous to philosophical ideals. These concepts undermine the Genius of architecture as a unique design discipline that is 'deceptive', contingent and paradoxical. Flat World, as the territory of operation for the projects presented here, forges Design-Conspiracies to Negotiate the Conspiracies of Short Real by focusing on the ubiquitous Workings of the Hinged-Door-Leaf and employing the Paranoid-critical Method (PcM) of Surrealism. It situates its operations at 'point supreme' where all oppositions are present without being 'contradictory'. The Design-Conspiracies challenge conventions and rethink the relationship of elements of Construction that make the Hinged-Door-Leaf architects' greatest invention. In the process, Design-Conspiracies manage to envision another way that architecture, humans and the built world can relate to one another.





Master of Architecture



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Ryerson University Wrigglesworth, Arthur

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Arthur Wrigglesworth