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A Journey of Learning: Relations With the Land, Environmental Violence and Dispossession and Decolonizing Social Work

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posted on 23.05.2021, 13:24 by Lauren Anderson
For the purposes of this Major Research Paper (MRP), I have chosen to situate my project in a position of intentional engagement with attempts to challenge settler colonialism. Toward this goal, I attempt to engage in learning about ways in which social work can engage in intentions of decolonizing. As a woman of mixed ancestry – both of settler and Haudenosaunee background – this MRP uses the Petal Flower Framework (Absolon, 2011) to support the process of learning of relations with Creation (the natural environment), with consideration of social work practice, and the ongoing systems which perpetuate violence against the environment. The journey involved in this process has included intentional thought in attempt to learn from Indigenous authors as I strive to decolonize my personal and professional journeys.





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Ryerson University

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