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A case study approach : exploring socially inclusive programming for toddlers with Down Syndrome through a relationship lens

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posted on 08.06.2021, 11:06 by Kristin E Tiberio
This instrumental case study set out to examine the toddler room of one child care centre (centre X) deemed as providing inclusive child care for toddlers with Down Syndrome (DS). Through use of both interview and observation tools this study sought to answer four particular research questions. These questions included: (1) To what extent is this centre providing socially inclusive child care for toddlers with DS? (2) What strategies do ECEs in this centre use to include toddlers with DS in socially meaningful opportunities with their peers? (3) How do parents of children with and without DS perceive their child's classroom to be an inclusive environment (4) How do parents of children with and without DS recognize social inclusion to be a primary goal in their child's development during toddlerhood? After analyzing the rich set of data collected during the interview and observation process results demonstrated that each of the four research questions were affirmatively answered. More specifically, results demonstrated that not only were the ECEs in the toddler room providing C01 with socially meaningful opportunities but relationship formation among all children, typically developing or not, was something that was also highly valued and supported by these ECEs.





Early Childhood Studies

Granting Institution

Ryerson University

Thesis Advisor

Angela Valeo