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A recommendation for integrative public space in Lawrence Heights

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posted on 25.05.2021, 07:14 by Laura Costa
Cities are never static; they are ever-evolving organisms requiring constant adaptation in an effort to function for the changing and increasingly diverse populations. One of the main issues with past planning practices in the development of social housing in Ontario is the lack of integrative strategies used to build neighbourhoods. Defining what successful integration entails is an important aspect of the creation of successful communities. The purpose of this study is to understand the elements necessary for creating integrative public space for Lawrence Heights; a community located in Toronto that will undergo an extensive revitalization process over the next twenty years. To determine the results, personal observations of the neighbourhood were conducted in a few ways: by taking photographs and notes of activities being enjoyed in the area, by attending a public meeting to comprehend the proposed plan for the redevelopment, and by participating in a workshop to understand the opinions of residents who will be affected by change in the neighbourhood. Integrative public space should include programs, facilities and multi-use, flexible aspects that cater to a variety of people, and can be easily accessed by users. Public space is only one component of integration, but is a very important one to comprehend in the practice of planning.





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