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A review on state-of-the-art practices and research of using GIS in transportation corridor planning

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posted on 08.06.2021, 09:23 authored by Khushnud A Yousafzai
Transportation corridor planning is a process that is in nature collaborative with local governments and includes extensive public participation opportunities. A corridor may be divided into logical, manageable smaller areas for the purpose of corridor planning. The planning process looks at the existing transportation system within the corridor and how the system could be changed or expanded to meet long-term needs, and includes discussion of existing and projected travel patterns and social, environmental, and economic issues within the corridor. It includes discussion of infrastructure improvements in combination with wise land-use and systems-management actions. GIS is assessed as [an] advanced tool because of the spatial nature of transportation planning and the determination of a range of potential outcomes. The research is intended to investigate the state-of-the-art technology with a goal of greatly improving [the] corridor planning process together with understanding of GIS capabilities, data awareness and accuracy, decision-making and communications. GIS is utilized as a tool in such a way to enhance the ability to accurately predict and easily understand these capabilities. Its main motivation is to better represent GIS in the corridor planning process. It is intended to provide transportation organizations, planning practitioners, and transportation decision-makers with GIS tools and guidance for planning, organizing, and managing to effectively support transportation investment decisions tailored to the specific conditions and performance needs for major transportation improvements. This research proposes to address the capabilities of GIS in corridor planning and enhance the ability to accurately predict and easily understand these capabilities.





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