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About narrative: a study of the use of narratives in fashion design

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posted on 22.05.2021, 13:25 by Laurence Fortin-Cote
This research examines the construction of narratives in fashion design. The intent is to explore how narratives emerge through this practice and how they impact the process of creation and making of fashion artefacts. It is constructed around a series of interviews with three fashion designers whose work reflects the importance of narratives as essential tools in their practice. All participants currently occupy a position in the fashion industry and have significant experiences that allowed them to share and express this area of their work. The analysis of these interviews forms the basis of a short documentary as well as the making of an art piece that are intended to encourage dialogue and deeper reflection about the ways in which narratives manifest themselves in the process of fashion design and how these they are later translated through the fashion industry. It examines how narratives can be used to generate meanings throughout the conception and production of garments and how these meanings can sensitize the consumers to the stories behind the clothes that they wear.





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