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Activated alleyscapes: the provocation of social occupation in the neglected urban public realm

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posted on 24.05.2021, 12:30 by Antone Frisina
As the urban environment intensifes, the emerging need to increase and enhance the public realm is vital to sustaining social activity in the downtown core. Embedded within the dense urban fabric, alleyways act as vital corridors of service and infrastructure that fuel the Ego of the built world. Glimpses of these hidden environments are faintly exposed from the street and the Id of the city is not explicitly utilized in the development of social programming. Temporary disruptions in the existing spatial organization of the physical environment can evoke new opportunities, acting as catalysts for change. The deployment of provocative interventions will serve as a vehicle to expose and redefne the perception of this undervalued public environment at different times of the day. Through multiple points of activation within the public realm, unique conditions of cultural spectacle allow for an opportunity to rewrite the narrative of social manifestation in the city.





Master of Architecture



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Ryerson University

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