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Addressing Challenges to Mobility Hub Implementation at Suburban

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posted on 25.05.2021, 07:15 authored by Marcus Bowman
This paper examines the issue of parking demand and station area office development at station area mobility hubs. Metrolinx, the Provincial regional transit-planning agency in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, has identified mobility hubs at locations with high transit connectivity and potential for mixed-use intensification. The Mobility Hub Guidelines provide a vision that emphasizes placemaking and station functionality. Attracting the desired form of development to mobility hubs will require a new approach to parking management and station access. This must address market realities and the double parking burden between the station and new developments. A variety of approaches are considered which could be implemented in various combinations at different mobility hub locations. These approaches include fine-tuning parking standards, reducing parking demand and facilitating a modal split shift in station access. The paper highlights that a number of innovative approaches are available, but will require proactive involvement from interested agencies. Key Words: Mobility Hubs, Parking Demand Management, Office Development





Master of Planning


Urban Development

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Ryerson University

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David Amborski