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Alternative Fuel Vehicles Today and Their Impacts in the Transportation industry

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posted on 08.06.2021, 12:23 by Abdul M. Miraz
Canadians are concerned about their environment around them, global warming and also related issues regarding this aspect. But on the other hand many donʼt realize that the cars and trucks that they drive are a major source of these problems, and that there are alternative choices of transportation that they can make out there. Majority of us drive or ride in vehicles that are powered by petroleum based fossil fuels i.e. gasoline or diesel. But some people, however, are choosing to drive vehicles that run on smaller amounts of fuel, and/or partially or completely on fuels other than diesel or gasoline. These types of advanced and alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) help reduce our dependence on foreign oil imports, save us money on fuel costs, and improve our air quality. Alternative fuels nowadays have received some attention as a potential option to curtail the carbon dioxide emissions form vehicles. My project report discusses the feasibility and desirability of the use of alternative fuels as a strategy to mitigate automotive carbon dioxide emissions. For example what types of impact are we to expect in the transportation industry due to alternative fuel vehicles and are they economically feasible to consumers? And what type of long-term benefits do they offer? And if a person is willing to know more about these alternative fuel vehicles that are out in the market, where should they go for more information? It is a type of a summary of all the aspects about alternative fuel vehicles and their pros and cons.





Civil Engineering

Thesis Advisor

Said M. Easa M. Z. Saghir Mohamed Lachemi