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An Examination Of A Brief Intervention Targeting Causal Attributions For Daytime Fatigue

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posted on 23.05.2021, 15:03 authored by Andrea L. Harris
Research has shown that poor sleepers focus primarily on their sleep as a cause of daytime fatigue rather than the multitude of other possible causes of fatigue. This can create sleep-related anxiety and further perpetuate the insomnia. In order to lessen the increased focus on sleep, the present study investigated whether people could learn to consider other attributions for fatigue via an information-based intervention, and whether this cognitive change would have implications for relevant mood states. Participants were randomized to receive either “causes of fatigue” information (FI), or generic sleep-information (control), and were tested pre- and post-intervention. FI participants were significantly more likely to consider non-sleep-related attributions for fatigue at post-intervention, relative to control participants. There were no significant group differences on relevant mood states. These results demonstrate that attributions or fatigue are amenable to change via an information-based intervention; thus, this research explores one avenue toward refining insomnia treatments.





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