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An investigation into the feasibility of delivering online education to remote communities in Canada Case location: Yukon

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posted on 22.05.2021, 11:50 authored by Ehsan Azmat
Canada continues to be among the world’s most ‘wired’ countries. Life in urban Canada is fueled by high-speed wireless connectivity, shifting brick-and-mortar services to cyberspace including banking, shopping and socializing. However, rural Canada is still catching-up on such technological advancement as a result of little investment in the digital infrastructure by the telecommunications sector to elude lower ROI, causing a Digital Divide. This Digital Divide poses an opportunity to be bridged by bringing rural Canada to cyberspace and giving them an equal opportunity to thrive. As cloud technology has disrupted many key sectors including business and social exchange; the Education sector still has not been able to fully utilize the massive opportunity cloud offers as a valuable platform for delivering education to remote Canada. My MRP focuses on the feasibility of delivering online education through the effective use of cloud technology in Canada’s key northwestern area called Yukon.





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Digital Media

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Ryerson University

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