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Anti-FGM discourses as constructed by NGOS in the Maasai community in Kenya

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posted on 22.05.2021, 13:09 by Teriano Lesancha
This Major Research Paper conducted a critical discourse analysis of a documentary produced by NTV Kenya and AMREF Africa about eradicating Female Circumcision in the Maasai community in Kenya. This research sought to understand how the documentary constructed anti female genital mutilation (FGM) discourse. The main discourses were colonialism, saving the Maasai girl, and double patriarchy as is constructed by International NGOs. These discourses became evident through the language used, images displayed on the screen, gendered power relations and who is benefiting from these. Using the Maasai Female Experience (MFE) as a theoretical lens, I placed emphasis on how Maasai women are treated in the anti-FGM campaigns which is driven by international NGOs. African centered worldviews were also employed in this study by the use of MFE and Afrocentric theory of social change. Community development workers and social workers need to consider these discourses while working with Maasai women. They must be conscious about reproducing oppressive practices and stereotypes that has historically been used to marginalize Maasai women.





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