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Applications of Variable Acoustics

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posted on 22.05.2021, 11:03 authored by Paria Esmaeil Khorasani
This research investigates the use of variable acoustics and active acoustics system to improve the acoustics of the Paul H. Cocker Architecture Gallery at Ryerson University. These modifications can help the gallery become a multifunctional space in regards to acoustical characteristics of the room. Variation in acoustical response of a room requires use of different devices and material to change the reverberation and articulation time conveniently. Acoustical measurements were done in multiple locations at four multi-use auditoria with different variable acoustics features. These auditoria are Roy Thompson hall, Koerner Hall, Glenn Gould Studio and LiveLab at McMaster University. These case studies are used to better understand the acoustical responses of the auditoria with different configurations and use the data for the acoustical improvements of the Paul H. Cocker Architecture Gallery. After these evaluations were performed, results show that the acoustical poster board panels can be used to change the reverberation time of the Gallery based on the different uses. Keyword: acoustics, variable acoustics, reverberation time, active acoustics system, passive acoustics systems





Master of Building Science


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Ryerson University

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