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Assessing Deteriorated Concrete Structures

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posted on 08.06.2021, 11:44 by Joseph Greto
In today’s society, concrete structures are deteriorating for a variety of reasons. In order to properly repair these structures, it is important to completely understand the root cause of each type of deterioration. Over the years, engineers have developed methods for identifying the causes of concrete failure. This paper recognizes the different forms of concrete deterioration, identifies the test methods which have been developed to locate these concrete defects (both non-destructive and destructive), reviews different case studies which have been performed on concrete parking structures implementing these test methods and draws conclusions from surveys which were conducted of professionals in the rehabilitation engineering field. Additionally, this research project develops a strategy which is meant to aid with the selection of concrete test methods to be used in diverse concrete deterioration situations.





Master of Engineering


Civil Engineering

LAC Thesis Type