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Assessment of Environmental Exposure Vulnerability in Toronto Public Housing: A GIS and Environmental Justice Analysis

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posted on 24.05.2021, 17:55 by Nicole Slattery
This paper explores environmental exposure levels across the city of Toronto, with a novel focus on Toronto public housing. Research has shown that environmental exposures are associated with negative effects on the health of populations. Using spatial and statistical methods, the objective of the research is to: (1) measure environmental exposures across the city of Toronto; (2) determine if public housing units are more vulnerable to environmental exposures and, (3) assess if environmental exposure can predict the location of public housing. The results of this study suggest that the public housing dissemination areas are within areas of higher vulnerability than other dissemination areas in Toronto. The population in public housing are disproportionately affected by environmental exposures and are at risk of the associated harmful health implications. This study provides spatial patterns of environmental exposure vulnerability across Toronto, in order to inform planning and revitalization of public housing developments in Toronto.





Master of Spatial Analysis


Spatial Analysis

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Ryerson University

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