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Attitudes Of Transplant Nurses Toward Clinical Trials

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posted on 08.06.2021, 12:03 authored by Olesya Kolisnyk
Nurses may have an important role in supporting patients' decision making about their participation in clinical trials. Nurses' views about clinical trials and patients' understanding of the clinical trial process may shape the role nurses play in these trials. Little is known about transplant nurses' attitudes and beliefs toward clinical trials. This quantitative study employed a survey method involving a convenience sample of transplant nurses (n=39) in an urban hospital in Southern Ontario to describe attitudes and beliefs of transplant nurses toward clinical trials. The results indicated that transplant nurses had positive attitudes and beliefs toward clinical trials. Specifically, outpatient coordinators and older nurses were more positive in their attitudes. Nurses perceived transplant patients were knowledgeable about clinical trials. The majority of nurses (85%) engaged in the conduct of clinical trials. Transplant nurses also suggested educational, administrative and financial support as beneficial to further enhance their participation in these trials.






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Ryerson University

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Heather Beanlands

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