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Becoming A Holistic Social Worker: An Autoethnography

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posted on 26.10.2021, 18:46 by Sue Lam
This research project is an autoethnography about my journey in becoming a holistic social worker. The theoretical framework includes critical race feminism, Asian feminism, and yin yang theory. The literature review finds social workers are integrating alternative healing practices in their professional work. The research methods are the process and product of writing the autoethnography. The research question is: what persons, situations, and experiences were influential in my becoming a holistic social worker? The findings indicate the influencing factors: family environment, learning kung fu and Chinese medicine, social justice activities at church, healing professionals, working in mental health field, training in counselling and mental health, and holistic social workers. The discussions indicate white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and cultural appropriation had negative impacts on my life and presented opportunities for resistance.





Master of Social Work


Social Work

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Ryerson University

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Susan Preston