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Behavior of normal strength concrete slabs under static and dynamic loads

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posted on 08.06.2021, 12:35 authored by Turky Sami Jeddawi
An experimental investigation has been conducted to determine the deformation and failure characteristic of slab under static and dynamic loads. Two identical reinforced concrete (RC) of dimensions 1950 x 1950 x 100 mm are tested under same boundary conditions. All top and bottom reinforcement are 10 M doubly plates reinforcement with total 1.0 % steel ratio. The static load is applied at the midpoint of the slab by using load cell 400 x 400 mm with a capacity of 250 kN. The static load increment used in this investigation is 5 kN. The dynamic load is applied at the midpoint of the slab by using a drop-weight of 475 kg from a height of 4.15 m generating an impact energy of 19.24 kJ with impact velocity of 9 m/s. The experimental results revealed that the absorption energy of the impact loading is about 1.4 times the static loading. The maximum deflection is found to be slightly higher for impact loading.





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