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Celebrity Brand Fashion Collaborations In A Canadian Context

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posted on 22.05.2021, 16:46 by Jacqueline Melindy
Celebrity branded collections are an interesting niche segment of the fashion industry and they have yet to be examined within a Canadian context. This research identifies factors that influence celebrity brand collaborations utilizing a mixed methods approach. Content analysis of merchandise featured on four websites of Canadian celebrities identified key features of celebrity branded product assortments. Interviews with a fashion broker and celebrity fashion editor unpacked the nuances of the design process. The evidence from this study suggests that the design process is negotiated, both the celebrity and the brand play vital roles in product development. The findings derived from the content analysis established the type of garments and accessories, fabrics, colours, patterns, motifs and slogans, logos, fit, sizes, and price points that are commonly used in celebrity fashion collections. Given the huge economic power of celebrity branded collections, this research outlines important practices for designers, product developers and celebrities.





Master of Fine Arts



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Ryerson University

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