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Changing Settlement Patterns Into Rural Built Environments: Impacts on Social and Environmental Determinants of Health For Immigrants in Region of Peel, Ontario.

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posted on 22.05.2021, 10:21 by Yemisi Onilude
This study examined changing settlement patterns into rural built environments and impacts on social and environmental determinants of health for immigrants in the rural town of Caledon, Ontario. Data was collected through focus groups and in-depth interviews with immigrant residents in addition to key informant interviews with service providers, and those with expertise in rural planning and/or immigrant settlement. Audie recordings were transcribed and thematically analyzed using NViso 12. This study is one of the first to integrate healthy built environments frameworks with social determinants of health frameworks and findings indicate that food system infrastructure; housing and rental stock; inclusive greenspaces are all factors that are important to the health and well being of immigrants in Caledon. The major challenge faced in terms of built form is inadequate public transit, which could have impacts on their mental and physical health. Further this study flags the importance of culturally appropriate religious and spiritual built amenities and services, something that is overlooked in healthy built environment research, underscoring the importance of an equity, diversity and inclusion lens. Various policy recommendations are provided that have the potential to enhance health and well-being of newcomers in the rural environments in Canada.





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Environmental Applied Science and Management

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