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Chaos based cryptogrphy (cryptography) and image encryption

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posted on 24.05.2021, 18:28 by Amber S. Nasim
Chaotic cryptography pronounces the use of chaos theory in specific physical dynamical systems working in chaotic system as measure of communication techniques and computation algorithms to accomplish dissimilar cryptographic tasks in a cryptographic system. We have reviewed some of the recent work on chaos-based cryptography in this piece of work. Cryptography methodologies are critically important for storage of secured media content and transmission over exposed systems, for example, the web. For high security, encryption is one the approach to guard the information from leakage. Image encryption is transformation of image to an inaccurate form so that it can be secured from unauthorized users. To explore application of encryption in time samples pattern, we have recommended a secured approach to code input signals by introducing a new encryption algorithm. The algorithm mechanism is such that the transmitter, an input signal was received and coded into a lengthier series of numbers. At the receiver, the coded signal by the transmitter was received and changed back into its original values. This was done based on the idea that the hidden input signal samples using a specific pattern, could only recoverable by a trusted receiver.



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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Ryerson University

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