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Coalition Building and Maintenance: The case of Food Secure Canada (2001-2012)

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posted on 15.06.2021, 14:22 by Sarah Duni
This study deals with the question of advocacy coalition formation and maintenance, in the specific case of Food Secure Canada (FSC), a pan-Canadian alliance of non-profit organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and food sovereignty in Canada. Using theoretical frameworks from literature on the Advocacy Coalition Framework and Resource Mobilization Theory, this dissertation provides a case study of FSC. Examining food civil society organizations in Canada from the 1970’s onward, this study provides insights on the social, economic and political context that surrounded the formation of FSC as an advocacy coalition. Through review of existing reports and documents produced by FSC and 21 semi-structured interviews this project provides insights into the role of coalition building and maintenance. The study provides insights on how advocacy coalitions form, maintain unity and deal with internal differences and how they utilize resources in overcoming organizational challenges. This study also explores how FSC built consensus around its three goals -zero hunger, a sustainable food system, and healthy and safe food - between 2001-2006 and how it managed to stir its Policy Framework of food security to food sovereignty between 2006-2012. This case study, will contribute to the literatures on food policy and advocacy coalitions with a focus on the role of coalition building and maintenance in the policy making process.





Doctor of Philosophy


Policy Studies

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Ryerson University

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