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Defining a Reseach Tool: an Object-Based Study of a Group of Inter-Related Photographic Objects Attributed to the James Inglis Studio (1866 - 1884) in the McCord Museum, Montreal

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posted on 08.06.2021, 10:23 authored by Michelle Macleod
This thesis is a case study of 39 disbound album pages with 579 albumen photographic portraits, most attributed to James Inglis (1835-1904), an accompanying index book, four related documents, and two notes concerning the objects’ provenance. This object-based examination of these objects is intended to serve as a model for photographic and social historians when presented with inter-related, multi-part photographic objects. This extensively illustrated case study, which is supported by four appendices, reveals aspects of Montreal’s social history in the late nineteenth century and facilitates the objects incorporation into the McCord Museum’s collection. A brief biography and information on Inglis’ studio are included to contribute to the study of his career and nineteenth century portraiture in Montreal. While the exact function of these objects is still uncertain, this thesis explores their overall intellectual and historical value and is intended to foster further research in the collection.





Photographic Preservation and Collections Management

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Ryerson University