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Derrida's typology: on the status of a deconstructive logic

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posted on 15.06.2021, 14:06 by Henry Goury-Laffont
This thesis begins with a simple question: what is the status of a theory of construction? Is such a theory itself constructed? What does this tell us about the post-structuralist or deconstructive reappropriation of research and theory? To address these questions, this thesis makes two moves. The first consists in identifying a general argumentative structure or logic of construction at work across several of Jacques Derrida's published works. The second move consists in thinking through how this logic reconfigures itself by affecting the status of theories or explanatory models. We will argue that a 'deconstructrive logic', if there is such a thing, cannot be final, fixed and atemporal. Departing from previous interpretations of Derrida's work, we will make the case that this is not simply a negative limitation: rather, it marks a commitment to a localized mode of philosophy, or thinking on the terms of a particular context.





Master of Arts



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Ryerson University

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