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Design And Development Of A Multi-Color Soot Emission Diagnostics To Measure Soot Temperature And Concentration

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posted on 17.09.2021, 19:51 authored by Ashwinraj Gnanavel
In this paper, temperature of the soot particles from the flame was determined using line of sight attenuation setup. The emission from the soot particles of the flame will be filtered using a three color pyrometry, in which three slits of different wavelengths will be placed in front of the AP-3200T-USB camera. The author did not use spectrometer to filter the wavelengths because, a spectrometer would give a spectrum consisting of 15 different colors, which is not required in this experiment, since calculation of temperature of the soot only requires two colors to be filtered from the soot. Each wavelength corresponds to RED, BLUE and GREEN color respectively. After the soot emission images are captured in all the three wavelengths, three images will be obtained from the camera. For reading these images, MATLAB code was used, and the pixel intensity values were read from which temperature could be calculated.





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Ryerson University

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Emre Karatas