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Development of stormwater exfiltration systems

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posted on 08.06.2021, 11:55 authored by Zulfiqar Ali Khowaja
Pollutant loading from urban runoff has been established as a major cause of receiving water degradation. In an effort to control this problem at the source many Best Management Practices (BMP) have been developed. In this report, the Atlantis Exfiltration Tanks System, was developed as a potential BMP for the City of Sarnia. In order to analyze the efficiency and performance characteristics of the Atlantis Exfiltration Tanks, it is necessary to conduct pilot study before implementation. For this purpose, the highly impervious parking lot of the Newton's Park in Sarnia was selected to develop the Atlantis Exfiltration System (AES). The construction of AES was completed in summer of 2004. AES is an "at source" base water purification and storage system. This report includes the construction and performance of AES followed by conclusions and recommendations for further study.





Civil Engineering

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James Y Li