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Dior and digital storytelling: on the marketing of luxury brand narratives

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posted on 23.05.2021, 13:46 authored by Emily Raymond
A postmodern theory and contemporary marketing strategy, digital storytelling is the virtual means by which a story can be organized. Less traditional to the beginning, middle and end of conventional narratives, this framework suggests that individuals connect the dots of a story by comparing their reading with others. To conceptualize this model within fashion, this paper follows Christian Dior’s Secret Garden campaign as it is broadcasted and diffused through Instagram and YouTube. Carried out by consumers’ interpretations as the story unfolds, this study aims to measure the interaction of media and audience within the parameters of social network analysis following Rihanna’s casting as Dior’s newest protagonist. Characterized by its hyperrealistic nature and speeded-up cultural tropes, this case underlines the epistemic shift for luxury brand communities today. As a result, this paper indicates the success of e-word-of-mouth marketing, and denotes the strength of fashion film as an illustrative medium of communication.





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Ryerson University

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