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DirectAr: Marketing an Educative AR Experience in 2019

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posted on 24.05.2021, 11:25 by Lucas Arias-Valenzuela
In this paper we will be analyzing how to advertise and market a tool that uses augmented reality to teach the basics of videography to students. Our product is aimed at people that don’t have the accessibility or the financial resources to get a video camera but want to learn. Our market is 12- 17 year-old users, we will be trying to market to schools directly for access to this demographic. We have chosen this demographic to correlate our product to a real problem. This problem is the exclusivity of Videography, the cost of a standard camera is proven to be too expensive for people that want to learn at a young age. Since there is a higher demand for videography skills in the workplace, we see this as an economic solution for those who want to learn the basics and see if they like it enough to invest in this artform. How do we get this tool into as many classrooms as possible? Since there are no products like this in schools, we will base our assumptions on research into how new technologies are selected in schools or in households. We will explore three different approaches: advertise to the kids themselves, advertising to the parents but our analysis concludes that the most effective way to solve this problem is to advertise this product to school associations and school boards.





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