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Doubly flawed: Canada's refugee determination system in a post 9/11 era

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posted on 23.05.2021, 15:12 by Sandra-Marie Virgili
Canada’s refugee determination system not only remains vulnerable to terrorist exploitation but also fails to assist legitimate refugees in a post 9/11 era. Through conducting an analysis of the Immigration Act, this paper exemplifies how, historically, Canada has had difficulty in regulating refugee migration into the country. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act was implemented as a means of overhauling the Immigration Act, making for a more secure Canada. Although this newer legislation is successful in maintaining the rights of refugees, especially with the verdict of Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration, it still lacks numerous safeguards. The lack of an adequate detainment policy, manifestly unfounded policy, the designated country of origin policy, the appeals process, and delayed deportation of foreign nationals leaves the system vulnerable to abuse by terrorists. Ultimately, Canada has become a potential base for terrorists who have access to the entire international community within the safety of Canadian borders.



Master of Arts


Immigration and Settlement Studies

Granting Institution

Ryerson University

LAC Thesis Type