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Effect of Time Delays in Characterizing Continuous Mixing of Aqueous Xanthan Gum Solutions

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posted on 22.05.2021, 17:00 by Vishal Kumar Patel
Aqueous xanthan gum solutions are non-Newtonian fluids, pseudoplastic fluids possessing yield stress. Their continuous mixing is an extremely complicated phenomenon exhibiting non idealities such as channeling, recirculation and stagnation. To characterize the continuous mixing of xanthan gum solutions, three dynamic models were utilized: (1) a dynamic model with 2 time delays in discrete time domain, (2) a dynamic model with 2 time delays in continuous time domain, and (3) a simplified dynamic model with 1 time delay in discrete time domain. A hybrid genetic algorithm was employed to estimate the model parameters through the experimental input-output dynamic data. The extents of channeling and fully-mixed volume were used to compare the performances of these three models. The dynamic model parameters exerting strong influence on the model response were identified. It was observed that the models with 2 time delays gave a better match with the experimental results.





Master of Applied Science


Chemical Engineering

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Ryerson University

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