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Evaluation of the performance of multiple water quality loading index systems for Sapgyo River / by Faizul Hasan.

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posted on 08.06.2021, 07:29 by Faizul Hasan
To enhance the sustainability of [the] water-quality-management system, the modeling results of simulated pollutants are needed to translate into an understandable single unit water quality index to help decision-makers. QUAL2E model is helpful in translating the results of simulated pollutants into a single water quality rating unit termed as "QUAL2E water quality loading index (QUAL2I)". This approach is adopted to evaluate the performance of National Sanitation Foundation’s Water Quality Index (NSFWQI) and Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment’s Water Quality Index (CCMEWQI) using data set of Sapgyo River. CCMEWQI results are found better, especially for meeting the desired quality objectives. Additionally, a decision-making process has been suggested based on better found QWQLI result to maintain the whole river channel at acceptable water quality standards. The study results imply that further study should be carried out using [a] minimum [of] four variables, each having at least four test samples to compute QWQLI using CCMEWQI approach.





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