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Exploring The Nexus Between Heritage And Sustainability: How Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) Can Contribute To The Process

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posted on 25.05.2021, 07:15 authored by Matthew Zambri
Toronto has been undergoing rapid growth and development, dramatically changing the skyline of this city. Although this growth is exciting, it plays a hand in the threat against some of Toronto’s oldest buildings, sitting on prime real estate seen as ripe for redevelopment. Toronto needs to be more assertive when protecting its heritage assets, but has become largely reactive rather than proactive due to an overburdened Heritage Preservation Service department. The system needs to provide for more vigilance over threats to heritage and increase public awareness regarding the many benefits to protecting heritage properties. This paper explores how Business Improvement Associations can take on this role and stimulate the conversation of heritage conservation with property owners, developers, and other stakeholders, providing the support and vision over alternatives to demolition. This report also looks at the potential role the private sector has in heritage conservation, seeing it not as a barrier to development but something that needs to be commemorated because it is what makes Toronto unique.





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Ryerson University

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