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Exploring experiences of grief and loss after suicide of a loved one in South Asian families

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posted on 24.05.2021, 13:22 by Sanjini Phillips
This research explores the experiences of South Asian families who have experienced suicide of a loved one in the past five-years. Past research in the areas of suicide, grief, loss, and bereavement has not focused on how different cultures live through and may view these issues through a cultural lens. The research uses a qualitative narrative methodology and to explore how South Asian families understand and interpret suicide and negotiate their personal experiences of loss and grief after suicide. Individual interviews were conducted and recorded on audiotape. Participants were provided with an opportunity to explore and share their experiences of suicide of a loved one from a cultural perspective, voices that are missing in the mainstream literature. This research contributes to a broader understanding of suicide in diverse communities and how helping professionals can work towards a more inclusive practice with South Asian families who have experiences suicide.





Master of Social Work


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Ryerson University

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