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Exploring the framework for trust management model of interpersonal trust

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posted on 10.06.2021, 20:30 by Rahi Tajzadeh
Trust is a construct that is dynamic, dyadic, deep in scope and wide in breadth. A new model of interpersonal trust called the Framework for Trust Management (FTM) builds on established models of trust and behavior, amalgamating important constructs and sub-constructs into a new dyadic and dynamic model. This new model hasn’t had its scales validated, nor has its survey been tested for parsimony. Additionally, a gap in the literature has been identified, in which most studies into trust do so generally, without looking at specific contexts or sub-populations. Using Exploratory Factor Analysis and data gathered from 271 Ryerson University students and employees at a staffing company, I looked at which questions in the survey represented their respective sub-constructs, how many extracted factors matched their theorized sub-constructs, whether I can increase parsimony by trimming the survey, and what the similarities and differences were between the two groups of respondents.





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