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Fluid: a critical examination of queer artists and their clothing choices

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posted on 23.05.2021, 11:27 by Alysia Myette
Fluid is a documentary that explores how self-identifying queer artists self-fashion and engage in cultural production as a two-fold approach to queer worldmaking. The documentary presents the ideas and sentiments of six Toronto based queer artists towards their practice and their clothing choices through a multidisciplinary practice led methodology. Using filmed and audio recorded interviews, Fluid centers the voices of intersectional identities in queer fashion studies. Fluid is the key component of a larger major research project (MRP) that seeks to discover how queer artists engage in queer worldmaking through sartorial choice making, artistic practice and self-expression. Through a series of documented interviews, reflection and analysis, this MRP sheds light on themes of gender performance, resistance, queer failure and survival in the self-fashioning of queer artists. This MRP also makes visible how these themes manifest as cultural production and as an extension of their creative practice.





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Ryerson University

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