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Fouling Reduction Via Air Backpulsing in Dairy Wastewater Microfiltration

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posted on 23.05.2021, 12:14 by Mahsa Ashtari
Membrane fouling mitigation in dairy wastewater microfiltration was investigated through air back pulsing. Flat sheet membrane module with pore size of 0.1 mm was used. The model dairy wastewater was prepared by skim milk diluted with distilled water (milk:water = 1:2). The effect of three parameters, including air back pulsing pressure (pb), back pulsing frequency (f), and back pulsing duration (d) on fouling control was investigated. It was found that high pressures of air in short durations of back pulsing can improve the filtration process and result in higher amounts of permeate. However, it is anticipated that beyond the region of study, very high frequency would not be helpful. Very high frequencies mean short back pulsing durations, and this might result in loss of positive effect of back pulsing. The maximum permeate amount obtained using back pulsing assisted filtration process was 83% higher than the one obtained without back pulsing.





Bachelor of Engineering


Chemical Engineering

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Ryerson University

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