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Gladiotron - 3D Interactive Comics as an Ideal Entry Point for Transmedia IP Development

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posted on 23.05.2021, 18:36 authored by Gavin Ronald Nelson Ball
Gladiotron is an online, interactive, 3D web-comic designed to test the efficacy of leveraging assets created for a 3D comic for reuse in other forms of media around the same intellectual property (IP), in this case a game, animation, and merchandise. The Gladiotron 3D web-comic exhibited advantages over basic storyboarding by increasing speed and efficiency of production between the comic and the game, audience growth potential, and opportunities for audiences’ feedback. This 3D web-comic model also demonstrates an alternative approach for developing video games and developing IPs. Keywords: WebGL, Babylon.js, web-comic, interactive, indie game development, marketing, production





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