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How Interactive Art Installations Can Be Utilized For Practices Of Mourning

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posted on 23.05.2021, 11:34 by Tatjana Petkovic, Boris Pantev
This research examines how interactive art installations can facilitate practices of mourning. The paper considers the following questions; 1) How does our relationship with space, time, and art affect how we mourn a deceased loved one? 2) How does space affect the living body when grieving? 3) How does time affect the memory of a departed loved one? 4) How does art therapy as meaning-making benefit the mourning process? The research engages with questions of perception, memory, inner and external space, and the embodied experiences of art. It offers an analysis through a phenomenological and socio-psychological lens of how art can be used to benefit the mourning process. The paper contains case studies examining current art installations and interactive art installations depicting mourning and grief. The paper explores how art and perception create meaning within our sense of self, and how this can benefit the grieving process.





Master of Digital Media


Digital Media

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Ryerson University

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