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How do Pakistani immigrant women in transnational astronaut families navigate their settlement in Canada?

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posted on 23.05.2021, 09:40 by Reema Farooqui
This study explores the settlement experiences of ten women of Pakistani origin who belong to transnational astronaut families. It examines their reasons for choosing to live as an astronaut family, the challenges they face, and the strategies they use for settling down in Canada in the absence of their husbands. The sample was recruited from among Pakistani immigrant families who had moved to the Greater Toronto Area in the last 10 years. Semi structured in-depth interviews were conducted with the women. Several important findings emerged from this study including: the privileges these women enjoy alongside their many oppressions; the impact of the traditional Pakistani cultural patriarchy on their lives; the unrecognized potential mental health problems these women face due to the repetitive cycle of reunions and separations. In conclusion, recommendations for future practices and policy changes as well as areas for further research are discussed.





Master of Arts


Early Childhood Studies

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Ryerson University

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