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I Can't Sleep At Night, Praying He Returns Home Alive: The Experiences Of Black Mothers Raising Black Sons In The Greater Toronto Area

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posted on 16.09.2021, 14:36 by Ebiboloemi Fuludu Ambekederemo
This is a qualitative narrative study of how self-identified Black mothers raising Black sons in the Greater Toronto area respond to the everyday likelihood that their sons may be killed by the police. The goal of this research is to shed light, create space, and give voice to Black mothers to share their personal experiences of police brutality in the Greater Toronto Area, and some ideas for how to better support these women. Additionally, it is meant to create an understanding that behind every murdered, incarcerated or racially profiled Black male, there is a Black mother suffering in silence. This research is grounded in Critical Race Feminism and Anti-Black Racism.

KEY WORDS: Constant fear, Parental responsibility, Lack of resources in Black communities/criminality, and Powerlessness/systemic change.





Master of Social Work


Social Work

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Ryerson University

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Jennifer Poole